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Offer a customized learning program that allows the child to realize their potential and to facilitate a continual love for learning in a Christian based environment. As they develop their personal habits and skills, they will be balanced and resilient when facing challenges. This will be needed for long-term successes throughout their educational aspirations and in life.


Recognize that one of the most important developmental stages in a child’s life is in their early years, and we seek to develop a strong Christian faith foundation for our students.




Our goal is to ensure that children are nurtured in early education through language, tactile exploration, social interactions, new learning opportunities in their environment and play. We will foster church, family and community partnerships providing the child with a positive self-awareness and positive social interactions and awareness of others.

Ages Served

We accept children starting at 6 weeks through age 12 with before- and after-school care.


  • Small ratios

  • Affordable tution

  • Faith based

  • Educated and trained staff (lead teachers are degreed)

  • Ongoing professional development for staff

  • Loving and nurturing atmosphere

  • Language-rich environment

  • CPR/First Aid/MAT training

  • Following the Virginia Milestones for Child Development


Children are fed nutritionally on a daily basis – breakfast, lunch and a snack as required through enrollment with the food program. Cakes, cookies, and other “not so nutritious food” may be served during special events like birthday parties, and holidays. Formula and food for infants is provided by the parent/guardian.


Our expectations are to show your child how to interact with others in a positive manner. We give instruction and choices, and in extreme situations a child may be redirected to another play area to diffuse the situation. At times a child may be having difficulty making choices of their own and they just may need their attention to be redirected. No Physical or Harsh Verbal Discipline Is Ever Used At COVCA!

Children of Valour
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