Your Child's Day

Daily Routine

  1. Arrival and Greeting

  2. Breakfast and clean up

  3. Bathroom and/or diaper change and hand washing

  4. Infants usually nap in the morning as well as the afternoon

  5. Circle time (including calendar, songs, finger plays, story time etc.)

  6. Arts and crafts or other learning activity

  7. Bathroom and/or diaper change and hand washing

  8. Outdoor play (weather permitting) or other large muscle activity

  9. Hand washing

  10. Lunch and clean up

  11. Nap time

  12. Bathroom and/or diaper change and hand washing

  13. Snack and clean up

  14. Free play

  15. Calm down time and relaxation music – Children’s programs (approximately a half an hour before pick up time)

  16. Parents arrive to pick up children

Learning Activities

These activities are to foster development on a holistic level that focuses on the child’s spirituality and their emotional, social, cognitive, gross and fine motor skills.


Group Play

Singing, dancing, play acting, games, reading, listening to stories and music, circle time.


Free Play

Children have a choice of blocks, kitchen toys, dolls and accessories, play sets, household toys, pull/push toys, art materials, and may watch limited television or videos



Positive nursery rhymes, finger plays, stimulus pictures or objects to encourage verbalization, reading to the children, flannel boards.


Dramatic Play

Dress up, role playing, puppetry, etc.

Outdoor Play

(Weather Permitting) Swinging, climbing, riding toys, running, ball playing, gardening toys, trucks, strolling dolls, (please remember to dress your child appropriately for the weather, if in doubt, dress in layers or bring extra clothes).

Special Days

Include birthdays/holiday parties, getting ready for holidays, and holiday.

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